The car is always driving. Your mouse controles where the wheel moves. With fast mouse movements you can boost the car, forwards and backwards.
If you find yourself upside down, fast movements sidewards help you out.

If you are running Linux:

One kind player brought to our attention, that the game is seemingly bugged when using firefox on a Linux System (a black void is shown when starting the game, with the ui on top). If you happen to have the same problem, please use a different browser. If this issue happens on any other configuration, please let us know :)

One Wheel Drive
by temp_name

It's a racing game, but your car only has one wheel.

This game was created during an 48 hour GameJam, by:

Kai Fohringer
Fabian Kainz
Theodor Knab

Music by Monty Datta
Sound Effects by


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The aesthetics of this game are really amazing. It came together really nicely. It feels like some kind of surreal dream, and the music complements it well. I'm not sure that the control scheme is the best it could be, but it's an interesting start.

Thank you for playing our game! We also love how the visuals turned out! The controls definitely still need improvement. If you have a bit of time, could you point out what was troubling you the most? We would love to work more on this game, and that would help us. :D