Welcome to your new Operating System.
To move your avatar use WASD.
Look around with you're mouse, but be careful, there are dangeroues enemies roaming around.
Defend yourself with the Alphabet-Pistol and our experimental Shotgun (using 1 & 2 or the mouse wheel). Simply press the shown buttons to shoot. Defeat enemies and collect more ammo for your highscore, but don't let them touch you!

Good luck and have fun staying alive :-)

Small Enemy: 3 Points
Big Enemy: 10 Point

If you are out of keys, random keys will spawn somewhere in the world.


StickyKeys-Windows.zip 49 MB


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This is actually a great idea, at least much more entertaining, than the typing games we used to play on the school computers. :)
Sound/Music/Graphics are also well done, goes well with the overall theme. Maybe a highscore table would be nice in the menu.

Also sometimes I have a hard time picking up ammo.